Barclay Paris is an expert in the taste, selection and creation of gastronomic products. It has shared its passion and its style with its customers since 1918.

Quality, highest standards and elegance

In keeping with tradition and respect for its history, Barclay Paris is proud to provide fine products. Barclay Paris products gives you the possibility to join the private circle of the most expert gourmets, and access the multiple sensual delights of a brand that has always been maintaining a genuine savoir-faire in the most subtle flavors, the most delicate atmospheres and the most flamboyant parties.


When you buy a Barclay Paris product for yourself or for a gift, you know you are buying a high quality product, with an inventive presentation and a strong identity.

Barclay Paris is proud to provide you with a selection of its best products online, in order to give you access to the best of delicatessen products.

Our warehouse allows us to ensure optimal processing of your orders. Moreover, our teams are always available for you, in order to provide you with an optimal service.